Join us in our mission to end “Twinism” - (noun.) hatred or intolerance of twins aka non-singletons. Fellow twins of the world, let us know what you think! We look forward to hearing from you and tackling this most important issue together.

This is another story about childhood Ethan + Ari. This one’s a twin coincidence story about the time we led protests outside of the Russian Embassy for the independence of the Baltic States.

Here we talk about making “Gay Mon”  —inspired by Rick Santorum, the Harris sisters, Dan Savage, Spreading Santorum, Augustus Pablo, King Tubby, Lee “Scratch” Perry, Zap Pow, and Keith Hudson.

A little behind the scenes look at making the video which Ari directed for Ethan’s song “Nonstop” - we even got our dad to make an appearance. 

We sat down with Torsten Voges (“The Big Lebowski” nihilist) on his couch and talkd about the making of the music video Ari directed for Ethan’s song “That” (Reprise). Instead of waking up on a bed surrounded by syringes, as he did while we shot on skid row, hear what Torsten would have preferred waking up to.

A 90 second “prayer for the dead” about the end of rock, starring Torsten Voges (one of the nihilists from “The Big Lebowski”) on L.A.’s skid row, as the true rock n’ roll animal in supernova.  The song is from the album “Songs From a Toxic Apartment” by Ethan, and the video is directed by Ari.

Find out more about skid row and the Midnight Mission -

Here we talk about the harsh and gritty tale of eating the food of the school dining hall.  We made a movie about it when we were 9 years old living in San Francisco. 

Just in time for Nutrition Month (March) we (Ari and Ethan) are releasing our first short film, “Rosa’s Food,” a harsh and gritty tale of eating the food of the school dining hall. This is the earliest recorded Gold Brothers work, made when we were only 9 years old living in San Francisco.

Vlog Episode 1 - Do We Vlog?
The Gold Brothers have it out with each other in the ultimate “Lemon Fight” in order to decide if vlogging is the right way to go.